What is Zippo Pay?
Zippo Pay is the world's first social-viral "payment button" that generates free traffic, email leads, and unlimited income for you automatically (after modest initial set up).

Simply generate and paste a Zippo Pay button on any product page - including the $397 DFY (done-for-you) webfunnel we automatically set you up with as a new Zippo Pay Vendor - and let the ZP button work its magic.

How much money can I make with Zippo Pay?
Zippo Pay is not a get rich quick scheme and we can't legally or ethically "guarantee" you'll make money. But Zippo Pay was built from the ground up to build profitable email lists while also enabling users to build a limitless online income - and it's already been tested and proven to do both (as you can see in the results here on our presentation page). There is no cap or limit to how much you can make.

Is Zippo Pay for product owners only?
No, Zippo Pay is for anybody and everybody looking to generate a full or part time income online including product owners, affiliates, newbies, pros, and more.

Will this work on a Mac?
Zippo Pay is cloud-based software that you access when you log in to your Vendor area, meaning it will work on any device and any operating system - including your phone. So yes, it will definitely work on a Mac. ;)

I'm a total newbie. Can I still succeed with Zippo Pay?
Absolutely. Zippo Pay was built to be extremely newbie friendly, and in fact, you can be ready to start earning within minutes of first logging in to your ZP Vendor account. You're gonna love it.

Are there any upsells or hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees whatsoever. We do offer several Vendor account customization options following your initial order, but they are entirely optional. We recommend you check them out carefully, and simply pass on them if you don't think they'll benefit your online business.

Will I get good support if needed?
Always. We offer support Monday through Friday through our ticket center and never miss a ticket. If and when you have questions or need help, rest assured we'll be here for you.

What about traffic? How do I get traffic?
Like any offer, you can send your own traffic from any spam free source - free or paid. But with that being said, we're currently offering all new ZP Vendors FREE traffic through the Zippo Pay Marketplace. When you list any new offer through your Zippo Pay Vendor account, we'll include it in our Marketplace for FREE, and as a result you'll begin receiving unlimited traffic on autopilot.

Will Zippo Pay also build my email list?
Yes. One of the most exciting benefits of Zippo Pay is its ability to help build you a profitable "cash on demand" list of email subscribers - strictly opt in (spam free). Your list is yours to do with as you please, meaning you can send whatever content or offers you want to your list. They're your personal, private email subscribers.

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